Education Counselling

Career success is largely determined by your passion and interests. If you love your career, you’ll succeed in it! That’s why we provide you with a comprehensive education counselling service. Based upon your academic background and interests, we will provide you with expert advice relating to the universities/colleges and courses best suited to you, and your desire to achieve your potential. Our goal is to better serve you.

Language Preparation

At Step To Success Education Consultancy we organize IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, NAT, JLPT preparation classes from our Kathmandu office to make sure our students achieve the desired result.


Student and Dependent Visa

If you have your relatives in Australia, Step To Success Education Consultancy team will assist you with your visitor visa application. Our team will also help you for your spouse (dependent) visa application.

Offers & Admissions in Uni/Colleges

Once you choose your course and education provider, we will help you with your application to the uni/college or tertiary institution of your choice. We will let you know more about scholarship options available and assist you to with every aspect of the application process, so all your stress is eliminated.


UPDATES on the application status

Step To Success Education Consultancy Representatives communicate everyday (Local and Abroad Representatives) on matters regarding clients applications process.

Study Abroad Loan Assistance

Step To Success Education Consultancy helps students to make correct decision of finding genuine banking institution for education loan approval. This helps student to save their time and money to find correct way of getting loan approval.


Facilitating Visa Application

Once your application and enrolment have been accepted, our expert team will assist you with your Visa lodgments. Our consultants are familiar with the Visa process and know exactly what Visa you will need to achieve your study objectives.

Ticket Booking

We help find discounted fares for students. At Step To Success Education Consultancy we purchase tickets locally or abroad to ensure that our clients get the best ticket offer. Most of our tickets are marked down or discounted at 10% off regular prices.


Accommodation and Airport Pick Up

If you require assistance with accommodation and airport pick up, we can organise these at your request. We can also organize temporary accommodation, while you find a permanent place to live.


Assistance/advise about the flight, airline exchanges, airport pick-up, things to carry and a brief review of how to report to school will be provided to students. We will make sure you know everything about studying, living, working and communicating in Australia.


Arrival Alert/Notification

When a student arrives at the destination in Australia, the sponsor/ parent will be immediately notified by e-mail or a telephone call.

Post Arrival Assistance

Post arrival assistance is personally done by the abroad Step To Success Education Consultancy Representative after the student arrives in Australia.


Assisting in Job Search

Our team will help you with the preparation of your resume, and provide you with assistance when it comes to effective job search strategies.